5 Fun Date Ideas at Heritage Park

Romance is timeless at this picturesque historical village.

Courting in the Edwardian era meant no flirting without the promise of marriage and no hand holding unless you “put a ring on it.” While these rules no longer apply, you can still enjoy the simple, swipe-free charms of an earlier era on your next date. Heritage Park is a date destination that will entertain both of you and provide ample opportunity for conversation — and a little flirting.

1. Antique Midway


There’s nothing like a trip to the midway to break the early-courting ice. Squeezed into a bucket seat together, practically in each other’s laps, while the dropping motion of the ride mimics those butterfly-in-your-stomach feelings.

Heritage Park’s antique midway includes the Caterpillar, a ride that caused a minor scandal when it was built in 1928. Not only does it spin and drop, a giant canopy covers the entire ride and provides you and your date a veil of privacy. Chaperones of days gone by did not approve when young courting couples disappeared, but today, we don’t mind if you sneak a quick smooch.

2. Picnic in the Park

Heritage Park is spread over 127 beautiful acres, which means there are lots of sprawling grassy areas, shady corners and gorgeous views perfect for a romantic picnic. Stroll hand in hand down the boardwalk, stop by the bakery, candy store or another dining establishment to top up your picnic basket, then choose your view, spread out your blanket and enjoy.

3. River Forth Dining Car


Step up your dating game with a luxury dining experience aboard a 1920s rail car. The River Forth is a restored dining car pulled by Heritage Park’s antique steam engine on Tuesday afternoons. Romance isn’t the only thing on the menu; you’ll dine on a gourmet three-course lunch and sip wine as you tour the historical village by rail. Later, walk off your meal with a romantic stroll through the park. All aboard!

4. Music in the Plaza

Your taste in music can make or break a relationship, so test your musical compatibility at Heritage Park’s Music in the Plaza series. Every Wednesday night in July and August the park puts on a free concert on the front plaza. Performances range from rockabilly to country, folk, pop, jazz and even klezmer. With a musical range that wide, you’re sure to find something you both love. Want to really impress your date? Book a patio table at the Selkirk Grille Restaurant and enjoy custom cocktails, great dinner and a show.

5. Captain’s Cruises


Most people don’t associate boat cruises with land-locked Calgary, but at Heritage Park you’ll find the city’s only paddlewheel boat, which hosts Thursday night Captain’s Cruises. Surprise your date with a two-hour evening sail around the Glenmore Reservoir. The views are breathtaking — who knew there were so many sailboats in the city? On a hot summer night, you can’t beat the cool breeze off the water. Listen to the live jazz band while you fill up on an assortment of hors d’oeuvres, complimentary bubbly and of course, affection for your sweetheart