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Choosing Your Ad Type

Select any of the ad types below to see how the creative elements will appear to visitors. The ad descriptions and specs will help you determine which ad unit/combination and placement will best connect you to your target audience.


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  • Max file size 40kb, RGB, 72 dpi, jpeg, png, gif or swf.
  • Third-party server accepted.
  • SWF ads need to have URL links in file.
  • No sound.
  • Please include an image still with your SWF submissions.
  • Please include URL separately with file submission if not SWF file.
  • Include a 1 point stroke around the edge of the ad.
  • Client must include flash video (FLV) if built into flash files.
  • Client is allowed to send in working files (FLA).
  • Client must ensure 'click through tags' are correctly built and working.
  • All material is due at least 10 days prior to posting date.

Recommendations: maximum 25 words and minimum 12 point font for legibility.

Advertorial Package