Keeping Fit On the Road

Four alternative fitness classes to try while travelling 

Daybreaker photo by Nar Levoni

As we glide into February, the gusto we had for our New Year's resolutions begins to fade and can disappear altogether, especially when we’re on the road. Reignite your get-fit resolve with one of these left-field alternatives.

Breakfast Dance Party

Get up and boogie your pillow-creased face off at a 6 A.M Daybreaker or Morning Gloryville dance party. Both organizations start with an hour-long yoga practice, followed by coffee, healthy breakfast juices and snacks before shifting up a gear for a full-on dance party complete with live DJ sets and performance artists—think trumpet and saxophone players and break-dancers. Throw your glowstick-holding hands in the air in Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco and beyond.

Surf’s Up

Work on your core strength and balance while feeling the burn and perfecting your surfing skills at an indoor SURFSET Fitness class. Full-size modified surfboards mimic the movement of a board on water as you hang ten and perform lunges, push-ups and squats then paddle and pop up like a pro. Find your feet with a couple of classes at the Revive Wellness Center in Costa Rica before heading outside to the nearby ocean to show off your skills.


Work on your circus resume at Trapeze School New York. Face your fears on the flying trapeze, try some aerial yoga on the static trapeze or strike a pose in the silks and soft ropes before performing an exhilarating drop or slide. It's easy on the knees and incredible for your confidence, plus you’ll walk away with killer arm definition and a walnut-cracking core. Soar through the sky at TSNY Los Angeles on the Santa Monica Pier or hang out at New York’s year-round facility in Brooklyn.

Axe Throwing

Once limited to the lumberjack competition circuit, axe throwing has gone mainstream with locations popping up across the country. The sport has been compared to darts, with participants taking turns hurling an axe at a target; the closer you get to the centre of the target, the more points you score. It’s a great way to strengthen your core and build up your biceps. Head to AXE Throwing Calgary for a Wednesday pick-up night.