Q&A: Scott Cozens

Co-host, Canadian Pickers, Partner, Cozens Wiens LLP

To a growing number of Canadians, Scott Cozens is most recognizable when he’s dressed in his cowboy hat, blue jeans and cowboy boots. He is the co-star of the extremely popular Canadian Pickers series, which will air its third season on History Television this fall. Cozens and his colleagues scour the country for antiques and treasures, including personal fave Newfoundland where among his finds was a flask that was designed to hold morphine. “I can go into a Starbucks and no one will recognize me,” Cozens says. “But, if I walk into a Tim Hortons, everyone will know who I am.” Cozens runs a law firm with his wife Lana Wiens; they set up shop four years ago in hip Calgary neighbourhood Kensington. Cozens is in his 21st year practising law after spending the first 10 years of his working life as an electrician. He specializes in civil litigation and insurance defence. 

Home base

Calgary, Alta.  

How many days do you spend on the road?

I am on the road about 70 to 90 days per year, including legal work and Canadian Pickers filming, plus a further week or two for promotion for the show. Sometimes, I am on the road for eight to 10 days at a time.   

Where, globally, have you found the best lunch spot?

Madrid, Spain. There is a stretch of cafés about a half-mile from the Madrid Westin that I love. You can eat at a different café every day for a few months.    

Favourite hotel?

My wife and I are sentimental about the Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. It has great food and a fabulous view of the river valley. There is great running in the river valley. 

Travel tips?

Wear a hoodie, for warmth and comfort. Bring a good book (light reading only, not War and Peace).

Packing tips?

I buy any necessary supplies or toiletries at my destination.

What are your favourite travel destinations?

If I truly want to unwind, I usually go to Palm Springs. I stay in a friend’s rental house with a pool. The kids love it, so I can enjoy a good book and a beverage or two. If my wife and I want a short trip to recharge, we will go to the mountains [Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff or Chateau Lake Louise], or to my wife’s favourite place in the world, Vancouver. For culture, we also both love New York City. The museums in New York are second to none. 

Key piece of business advice?

Do what you think is right, and accept the consequences.

Cozen's Top 5 Favourite Finds


416 Photo by Jared Sych.

Peanut butter tin: value, $700.

Torpedo pocket tin: value, $4,000, circa 1920s.

417 Photo by Jared Sych.

Skull match safe: value, $500.

Native American match safe: value, $1,000, circa 1870s.

418 Photo by Jared Sych

Addams Family lunch kit: value, $150, circa 1960s.